the domain

The Ethic


The Gisselbrecht family produces wines in Alsace since the 17th century. Today the family owns 17 hectares of Vineyards in the best locations of Dambach la ville and surroundings. One Domaine patiently acquired waiting for the best parcels to be free, specially the Grand cru Frankstein. The village of Dambach la ville is located in the middle of the famous wine road d’alsace. The Wines remain in the cellar after bottling at least one year in order to allow them to reach perfect maturity.  A special attention is dedicated to the Grands crus.

 The Know-How

The vinification is made according to the traditional style for the Wines of Alsace, but with the newest methods. All the Wines sold by the Gisselbrecht are vinified at 100% by themselves in their cellar. They use wooden tanks, temperature controlled stainless steel and cement vats. The juices are hardly moved and always rest in order to allow the sediments to deposit naturally. The fermentation are cold controlled and made as slowly as possible in order to extract at maximum the characteristics of the soil and subsoil so that the wines express their best personality. Once bottled, the wines rest around one year in the cellars in order to mature slowly. The Philosophy is to assure the quality and personality of the wines, the ambition is to innovate, create, and to dare to try new methods.